Mixing creativity, empathy, and technology can change behavior and improve the way we live, work, and play.

DOMANI was founded in 2001 with a deep conviction that mixing creativity, technology, and empathy can change behavior and improve the way we live, work, and play. This combination is infused into our approach helping us empower brands large and small to better understand and communicate with - not at - their audiences. We like to be challenged and are driven by unfamiliar opportunities and uncharted territory. Maybe if we didn’t have one of the most progressive creative and technical teams around, or if our process didn’t respond with confidence to the unexpected - maybe then we’d play it safe. But safe is boring, so we’re perfectly happy to embrace the new and design tomorrow, today.
Jonathan Hills
Founder / Executive Creative Director

Jon founded DOMANI in 2001 with the belief that engagement not advertising is the key to successful brand building.

Under his leadership the agency has built long-standing relationships with some of the world's leading brands and has been recognized with awards from Cannes, One Show, ADC, Clios, Webbys and many more.

Gordon Wood
Partner / Director of Finance & Operations

Since joining DOMANI in 2008, Gordon has been responsible for operations and financial management of the company, and maintains an integral role in its overall organizational strategy.

Gordon began his career in the financial services industry at Putnam Investments and earned his MBA from Boston University in 2005.

Jason Hehman
Head of Client Solutions

Jason’s varied experiences in the advertising world have taken him through agencies big and small, and from creative to media, and back again. His background is in Client Service, and he previously led that group for DOMANI at an earlier period for the agency. His combined tenures make him one of the longer-standing members of the team. Currently, Jason's role focuses on business development and strategic partnerships, while he also takes a lead in managing the agency's digital strategic work for clients.

Matt Wilcox
Director of Technology

Matt is responsible for DOMANI’s technology strategy, and oversight of development staff and projects. He works directly with clients and vendors, and is involved in requirements, solutions architecture, and infrastructure. With a background in full stack development and systems administration, Matt leads the technology team to the successful delivery of pixel perfect, fast performing, and thoroughly architected solutions.

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