Calvin Klein


Nearly 15 years after the iconic CK One hit the shelves, DOMANI was tapped for the global launch of CK2, a fresh evolution of the massively popular unisex fragrance. The task at hand was clear: pay homage to the raw sex appeal Calvin Klein has owned for years while launching a new fragrance that today’s young consumers will feel was designed just for them.

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Get Together campaign site

  • Content Strategy
  • Social Media
  • Localization
  • Marketing
  • Strategy


DOMANI led the strategy and execution of CK2’s global online campaign, incorporating a wide range of digital tactics. From a responsive microsite, to point-of-sale retail apps and digital OOH, to rich media, email and social content, the CK2 campaign was designed to give an excuse for two people to get together and push the boundaries.

To kick-start the experience we asked couples to push boundaries with a series of "dares" - anything from “Squeeze Together” to “Get Wet Together” was on the table. Friends and lovers were then encouraged to share their photo using CK2’s #the2ofus hashtag. This tapped perfectly into our target audience’s inclination for social sharing while celebrating the provocative, playful, intimate spirit of the CK brand.

  • Optimized for a global roll out, beginning with a targeted airport retail strategy
  • Encourages Millennial consumers to get together and push boundaries
  • Playful, intimate, and provocative - like the CK brand itself
  • Driving CK2's pre-launch strategy, DOMANI rolled out product teasers in airport retail spaces around the world engaging millennials on the go via display islands, product kiosks and interactive booths.