The Rallying Cry

In the midst of the biggest election ever, Facebook looked to meaningfully connect with political partners, campaign managers, and ad buyers to help woo young voters.

The social network teamed up with BBH and DOMANI to create "Win With Us" – a multi-channel bi-partisan integrated campaign for the 2016 election cycle, driving demand for Facebook’s ad products.

  • Content Strategy
  • Social Media
  • Animation
  • Design

Win With Us

A series of OOH, direct mail, and targeted Canvas units, proved that Facebook is the best partner to connect campaigns with their voters - locally and nationally. 

The campaign ramped up before Election Day with a final 45 day push of Facebook ads featuring original creative every day. These ads highlighted the platform’s reach and efficacy through data, insights, and joyful animations bringing each datapoint to life.

  • Engaging, memorable creative established a unique look for the campaign
  • The Facebook ad units reached 95% of their target audience
  • The Canvas units inspired an unprecedented average dwell time of 53 seconds
  • As part of the campaign, Facebook explored new territory with their first outdoor advertising in North America. Placed in airports and at the doorstep of targeted D.C. agencies, these units planted the seed of what Facebook could offer.