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Our differences unite us.

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Andrew Solomon's "Far From the Tree" explores the complex relationship between parents and children with cognitive, psychological, and physical differences, and proves that diversity has the power to unite us all.

Approached by the author and Scribner to extend themes from the book online, we were touched by Andrew's message and inspired to create a digital home that fostered a community for readers and affected families alike, pushing the book even further beyond its 962 pages.

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  • Transmedia Storytelling
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Building a framework for community.

The challenge was to develop a complementary experience that explored the book's organization in a new way, created an engaged and active community, and offered a simple path to learn about the author and all points of purchase. is a place for readers to experience the emotional power of the book, and share how their own stories link them to a broader community. Going above and beyond the book's existing chapters, the addition of themes lets visitors explore common threads between the stories of "exceptional difference." Fans can watch interviews with the book's subjects and author, and can share their own stories in the "Community Voices" section and receive comments from the author for a truly interactive experience.

This digital platform integrates seamlessly with the physical act of reading "Far From The Tree," offering a new way for people to engage with the book's content and share their own personal experiences.

  • We helped Pulitzer Prize winning author Andrew Solomon transcend print and connect with families
  • Readers can share their own stories online and creating a true community around the book
  • Video shines a light on the books’ subjects, and the author’s expierence connecting with them
  • Go beneath the surface. Meet the families featured in the book, diving deeper into their stories to extend the dialogue beyond the printed pages.