Gc Watches

Smart luxury within reach.

A brand known more for its mid-priced denim and runway-inspired styles, Guess needed to carve out a space in the luxury category for its line of premium, Swiss-made timepieces. At a time when consumers are hyper-vigilant about how they spend their money, Gc Watches offers sophisticated glamour at an accessible price point.

DOMANI helped Gc reach an ever-increasing global and mobile audience by creating a highly responsive site from the ground up, with a layer of storytelling threaded through its entire design.

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  • Content Management System
  • Systems Integration
  • Content Strategy
  • Platform Development
  • Mobile Web Development
  • Global Localization
  • Strategy

Sophisticated. Modern. Timeless.

Designed and built with mobile in mind, the revamped Gc.com features an overhauled site architecture and a new look and feel to maximize the user experience. To mirror the watches’ subtle elegance, we stripped away superfluous details and used a modern monochromatic design that allowed the products to shine.

We subtly integrated branded content into the site experience, guiding visitors deeper into the Gc brand and lifestyle. Gc’s Moments of Smart Luxury artistic photography project features content from over 100 tastemakers around the world – like polo players and seasoned chefs, each with an authentic story to tell about how they celebrate the spirit of creativity and luxury within their field.

  • Responsively designed for desktop, tablet, and mobile. Localized in 26 markets.
  • Custom CMS with deep integration into existing services for product and store data.
  • Branded content from over 100 tastemakers around the world.
  • Worldwide with ease. As a global brand, the ability to share content across markets is integral to Gc's success, and so we crafted a CMS that let the Gc team centralize and manage site content with ease.