House of Marley

helping a challenger brand go big.

Inspired by the reggae legend’s vision of One Love, House of Marley offers a range of eco-friendly and high quality audio products that provide more than just great sound. A premium Bluetooth speaker that rivals the likes of Jawbone and Beats, the Get Together rises above the pack thanks to its use of sustainable and recyclable materials throughout.

In order to not only position the Get Together as their flagship product but to also introduce the brand to new audiences, House of Marley hired DOMANI to execute a digital experience worthy of the man himself.

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Get Together

  • Content Strategy
  • Social Media
  • Mobile Web Development
  • Copywriting
  • SEM & PPC

From New York to Kingston, music connects.

We knew we had to capture the brand’s authenticity and relaxed lifestyle, while still showing off the speaker’s clean lines and wall-shaking power. Under a tight time crunch, DOMANI designed and launched a standalone page that lived on the brand’s e-commerce site. In order to ramp up additional engagement, we implemented a social campaign positioning music - and House of Marley - as the thread that connects people in different cultures.

The Get Together campaign featured films from award-winning production partners including m ss ng p eces, Psyop, Exposure, and alldayeverday. Four very different filmmakers were brought together with one purpose in mind: feature the Get Together speaker in a video that shows how "music connects.”

  • A social campaign with the power of music at its core
  • Four award-winning filmmakers were brought together for one purpose: to show how “music connects”
  • Positive VibrationHOM asked four filmmakers to put their own spin on how "music connects," resulting in four incredibly unique interpretations that bring the campaign to life. Here's one produced by the good people at Exposure.