The New School of Hairstyling

The IGK brand was born from the union of four celebrity hair stylists who – eager to fill a void in the market for disruptive, edgy, anti-Prom Queen products – decided to create their own trend-driven line with the help of forward thinking beauty specialists Luxury Brand Partners.

LBP turned to their long term partner DOMANI to build a beauty brand that seamlessly blends luxury with the new school of hairstyling. DOMANI’s challenge was to emulate IGK’s offbeat visual appeal while centering the experience on eCommerce.

DOMANI has had a seat at the table from the brand’s inception – and beyond establishing the brand's digital attitude and e-commerce platform, we were also responsible for the IGKs packaging which was designed specifically with Sephora "shelf pop" in mind.

Project Link:

IGK Website

  • UX
  • Content Management System
  • Ecommerce
  • Platform Development
  • Mobile Web Development
  • Packaging Design
  • Design
  • Web Development

Work Hard. Play Harder.

Each of the four IGK stylists impart their creative energy and style cred directly into the brand. Their nonconformist professionalism and cult following is quickly elevating IGK as the "it" brand in it's category.

The site has a distinct attitude that directly reflects the nature of the brand. At the core of IGK's identity are the cities they call home – lending a dynamic visual freshness which pulls from their unique perspectives and experiences. Each POV is conveyed on the IGK website through the product series (edgy New York, glitzy Los Angeles, flashy Miami), provocative first-person quotes, personal bios and colorful graphic moodboards.

  • City callouts on packaging and on-site offer a peek into each hairstylist’s universe
  • A mosaic of textural, animated, transitional tiles liven up the product landing page
  • Sitewide CTAs use a unique “slide to play” functionality on videos
  • In addition to establishing IGK's digital profile and e-commerce platform, DOMANI also created the brand's unique packaging.