LaFrieda Meats

Meat 101 at your fingertips.

A fourth-generation butcher whose family has been in the wholesale meat business for almost 100 years, Pat LaFrieda is the man behind some of New York City's most delicious bites, like the mouthwatering Shake Shack burger.

To bring LaFrieda's butchery knowledge to the masses, DOMANI designed and developed Big App for Meat, a next-generation entertainment, education, and sales platform featuring over 50 minutes of video, interactive quizzes, recipes, and guides for preparing more than 200 cuts of premium meat.

This easily navigable iPad app pioneers a new and innovative channel for original content, educating foodies everywhere from the grocery store aisle to their very own kitchens.

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A lesson that's easy to digest.

Big App for Meat covers over 200 different cuts of beef, lamb, pork, veal and poultry, complemented by hi-res photos and detailed descriptions. Premium video content features LaFrieda demonstrating techniques you can use at home and sharing his wealth of butchering secrets. From sharpening your knife to what to look for in a dry-aged steak—Pat shows you how it’s done.

Not sure where to start? 360-degree rotating images let users swivel cuts of meat on screen to see them from every possible angle, and the search function provides a list of suggested meat cuts based on any recipe. Once you feel like a pro, test your meat knowledge with the Great Meat 101 Quiz and compete with your friends via Apple’s Game Center.

Named to the App Store’s Best of 2012, Big App For Meat addresses two of the main desires among foodies - gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation for ingredients, and getting access to one of the luminaries of today’s food culture.

  • Named by Apple as App of the Year for its Lifestyle category
  • The app covers over 200 different cuts of premium meat - buy steaks with just one click
  • Features over 50 minutes of video, interactive quizzes, recipes, guides, and more
  • From farm to table. For the first time, LaFrieda Meats is selling directly to consumers, with just one click from the app to the online store where users can buy steaks and burgers, shipped fresh to their doorsteps.
  • Cook side-by-side with the man himself. Want to put LaFrieda's tips to use while using the app, but dread the sticky-fingered mess? Wirelessly stream video from the app to your Apple TV and big screen via AirPlay for a hands-free cooking experience.