The Life Foundation

Making insurance matter.

Life Happens is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping Americans take responsibility for managing their personal financial risk through the ownership of life insurance and related products, including disability and long-term care insurance. To help people understand why they need coverage, Life Happens provides educational content and related resources for both the consumers and the member companies within the insurance industry.

Formerly known as the LIFE Foundation, the organization initially approached DOMANI to redesign their existing web site; however, the project quickly evolved into DOMANI proposing and creating the new, consumer-friendly Life Happens brand identity.

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  • Strategy

Simplify discovery. Relate through empathy.

Aside from improving the overall look and feel of the site, the main challenge we faced was organizing Life Happens’ extensive collection of resources, which many users couldn’t find or didn’t know existed. Our revised structure helped Life Happens’ diverse groups of consumers and industry professionals find exactly what they were looking for, minus the confusion.

The simplified information hierarchy paved the way for us to infuse the site with more of Life Happens’ voice. We incorporated the organization’s blog into the site, and also developed social media tie-ins. The transition from the LIFE Foundation to Life Happens involved a complex brand expression effort, including the development of new logos and supporting assets as well as new style guidelines to fit their mission.

As the Life Happens business model evolved, DOMANI modified the design-in-progress to directly support Life Happens’ member companies with their own education and marketing efforts. We developed a “walled garden” for the Life Happens platform directly targeted to insurance professionals and their unique set of needs, containing a more extensive collection resources and improved navigation geared towards a professional audience.

  • We helped the brand discover a fresh voice through tools designed for growth
  • A relatable and friendly brand identity simplifies the insurance selection process
  • The experience is divided between consumers and professionals, servicing each user’s unique needs
  • A new chapter. We crafted a relatable and friendly brand identity, complete with mini characters that represent the unpredictability of life and the kinds of people who can benefit from insurance planning.