Marquette University

Taking Higher Ed to the Next Level.

DOMANI partnered closely with Marquette University to launch a comprehensive overhaul of the Law School site.

From deep-diving with individual stakeholders and helping them audit and realign hundreds of pages of content, to the design and build of the site and its content management system, DOMANI helped streamline and modernize Marquette Law’s online presence.

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Marquette University

  • Content Management System
  • Systems Architecture
  • Platform Development
  • Data Migration
  • Strategy

Buttoned up and then some

In the world of higher education, a university’s online presence must serve the needs of a myriad of different audiences - and Marquette Law was no different. The site was designed on Drupal with a massive pool of users in mind, ranging from curious prospective students to community members in need of pro-bono help, with messaging and content targeted specifically towards each one.

Facing an extremely large CMS and a slew of administrators with varying levels of control, we knew we had to build a simple, clean and intuitive platform. The design provides administrators with seamless tools for expressing their individual needs, enabling them to update the site calendar, host the faculty blogs, and more. Pulling real-time news and event feeds into the site was integral for prospective and current students, showcasing the energy and vibrancy on campus.

  • A digital ecosystem designed for collaboration and growth
  • A simple, intuitive platform optimized for student engagement
  • Real-time integration of on campus news and event feeds