National Academy Museum

A beacon for American art.

Founded in 1825, The National Academy strives to bring art to all through education and exhibition. Much more than just a physical showcase for its collections, The Academy is also a professional honorary organization, as well as a school that offers studio-based study, courses and workshops.

With a collection that rivals that of many large museums in the country, The National Academy tapped DOMANI to completely redesign their site - bringing the institution into the 21st century and positioning it as an arts destination in New York City.

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  • Content Management System
  • Systems Architecture
  • Platform Development
  • Data Migration
  • Strategy

Exhibitions, refined.

With the National Academy’s rich history in mind, DOMANI designed and built a site that looks boldly forward without eschewing the past. The site was conceived with Web 2.0 components at its center, anchored by a customized WordPress installation. Intuitive and clearly defined, the site’s navigation is designed to measurably increase traffic and engagement.

Like many non-profits, the Academy relies on donations from patrons, members, and other supporters. DOMANI built an easy-to-use tool that allows visitors to choose and submit a donation quickly and securely. In that same spirit of creating a more user-friendly experience, and because education is critical to the Academy’s mission, DOMANI created a straightforward, functional page that allows prospective students to explore and sign up for classes and workshops in a few simple steps.

And of course, there’s the art. The Academy now houses more than 7,000 pieces in their permanent collection. DOMANI not only built a comprehensive database of the works—allowing administrators to organize, add, and track inventory—but made the entire collection searchable as well, ensuring the National Academy’s mission to preserve and advance the visual arts will continue unhindered for years to come.

  • We turned a 7,000 piece art collection into a searchable, comprehensive database
  • Easy-to-use donation tool will support this non-profit for many years to come
  • Enables seamless discovery and sign up of classes and workshops