New England Aquarium


A major attraction on the Boston waterfront, the New England Aquarium (NEAQ) faced large crowds and found itself ill-equipped for the massive lines packing in visitors like sardines. Tourists and residents alike were trying to access information about NEAQ through their mobile devices, but due to an outdated site, they were unable to do so without frustration.

The NEAQ wanted to create an efficient and simple digital platform for local tourists and visitors, and so they looked to DOMANI to build a mobile site that would help users plan a visit and guide them while on site at the aquarium.

Project Link:

The New England Aquarium (view on mobile device)

  • Systems Integration
  • Content Strategy
  • Platform Development
  • Mobile Web Development
  • Strategy

Guiding visitors on-site and off.

As a mobile-only project, we were focused intensely on the user experience and journey, and optimizing the site across all handheld devices and connectivity options. We rebuilt the entire mobile site from the ground up; from immersive stakeholder interviews to internal database integration, we left no stone unturned.

We developed an intuitive mobile experience, stripping away all superfluous features to give users a seamless and worry-free family trip. Potential visitors can tap to call the aquarium, check out the daily schedule, purchase tickets and memberships, and even browse the exhibit and animal guide before they get there. And if you’re already at the aquarium, a custom menu points you to a digital scavenger hunt for kids, maps, real-time events, and more.

With bold, exciting, and dare we say cuddly visuals, the new NEAQ mobile site makes users fall in love with the animals first, which in turn drives interest and membership in the long run.

  • Intuitive mobile-only experience offers visitors a seamless family visit
  • From planning from afar, to making an onsite visit the best it can be - the NEAQ mobile experience is designed to adapt.
  • From page to screen. We integrated NEAQ's previously print-only animal guides into the mobile experience, transforming young visitors into marine life experts as they walk through the aquarium.