Sony PlayStation

The King

Nearing the end of their biggest year ever, PlayStation was charging full speed into the future, launching three new hardware products in just 60 days. To excite their devoted audience, and further satiate their craving for adventure, the brand needed an epic rally call to engage fans like never before.

A brand known for telling awe-inspring stories had to tell an even bigger tale, so they combined their biggest titles into one anthemic video. Debuting exclusively on Facebook the film centers on a restless King who embarks on an epic journey where he encounters various heroes and villains from PlayStation's games such as Spiderman, Destiny's Gjallarhorn, and many others.

But the story didn't stop there...

  • Social Media
  • Video Production
  • Strategy

Bringing The King to Life

Understanding that gamers scour these videos, looking for references, flocking to the comment section to share what they've found, DOMANI and BBH created a first-of-its-kind experience, rewarding gamers for their discoveries.

The King sprung to life on social media, responding directly from his own Facebook account to commenters calling out the film’s easter eggs. He revealed deeper insights into the items they discovered, and in a surprising twist, he gifted the actual, money-can't-buy, items from the film to hundreds of gracious recipients. The King even sent his own guard to deliver his prized possessions to a few lucky gamers, literally bringing their favorite games to life, sharing all these conquests on his Facebook page.

PlayStation gave back to their fans, and they went wild for their new king. It was so well received it caught Fast Company’s attention. After four million views, four thousand comments, and almost two hundred items gifted, in just four days, PlayStation once again staked their claim as the go-to gaming platform for greatness.

  • Four million views, four thousand comments, two hundred items gifted in just four days
  • Over a hundred gaming easter eggs in the full length film
  • First-of-its-kind Facebook activation
  • The King campaign brought gamers' favorite games to life by delivering hundreds of unique treasures to their doorstep.Check out the case study video.