Random House

Turning a picture book into an educational journey.

Working with author Tad Hills, we were challenged to create an iPad app that would bring the characters from his New York Times' bestselling picture book to life, producing an interactive learning platform that felt more like play and less like school.

DOMANI looked beyond existing conventions in the category, creating an experience that pulls kids further into the story while leveraging the educational benefits of the iPad platform.

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  • Systems Integration
  • Content Strategy
  • Platform Development
  • iOS Development
  • Game Design
  • Strategy

Learning to read through taps and swipes.

Random House’s “How Rocket Learned to Read” leverages the most engaging aspects of the iPad. The story is brought to life by tilting, tapping and swiping, as well as blowing into the microphone, which sends autumn leaves fluttering. Freshly fallen snow becomes a blank page for drawing and spelling. Children's fingers leave muddy prints as spring arrives.

DOMANI developed a framework that translates flash animation into the more rigid iOS format, and added a wide range of interactive touch-points that enhance scenes from the book. Ranked one of the Top 5 Paid Book iPad Apps in the Apple Store (2011), the app also includes two games that help little ones improve their letter recognition and spelling skills.

  • Tilts, taps, and swipes bring the book’s more than 40 pages to life
  • Ranked in Top 5 Paid Book iPad Apps
  • Named one of the 50 Best Apps for Kids by Babble.com
  • Choose how you learn. Watch and listen as words are highlighted while the story is read aloud, or read at your own pace and hear each word spoken with the tap of a finger.