Ronald McDonald House Charities

Ronald McDonald House

There’s nothing harder than providing compassion and care for a seriously ill child - a challenge that can seem daunting when a hospital is many miles from home.

Since 1974, RMHC has created programs that strengthen families during difficult times by keeping them close - giving them a place to rest and refresh.

Like other leading charities, RMHC relies on the generosity of others to fund their work around the world. To help rethink and reposition their fundraising strategy RMHC approached DOMANI to launch a completely new platform for giving.



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Make Fun Matter

The Make Fun Matter platform allows families to raise money the way that works best for them - through the activities they love. From finger painting, to climbing Mount Kiliminjaro, visitors to the site can easily set up their own distinct fundraising effort and then use the site's PR tools to get the word out to family and friends to sponsor.

In addition to fundraising tools, Make Fun Matter also celebrates stories from families making an impact in their own beautiful, unique, thoughtful ways - each story proving again and again that raising money for a meaningful cause gets easier when we light a fire around the activities that mean the most to us.

  • Responsive experience offers fundraisers and donors a seamless transaction
  • Easy-to-use donation tool will support this non-profit for many years to come
  • Thoughtful visual design coupled with stories from real families nurture engagement and action
  • The many stories from families raising money their own way inspires visitors to get involved.