Shiseido Cosmetics

Come meet your future self.

Despite the barrage of warnings about cancer and wrinkles, many of us still knowingly make unhealthy choices when it comes to our skin. To promote Shiseido’s Ibuki line of anti-aging skincare products, DOMANI created an interactive Facebook app that empowers millennial women to look forward and take steps today to ensure healthier skin tomorrow.

  • Social Media
  • Facebook Application Development
  • Film/Video Production
  • Marketing

No longer out of sight, out of mind.

In order to stress the importance of preventative - not corrective - skincare to these younger consumers, the Future Self app invited each user to interact with an older and wiser version of herself directly on Facebook.

Once connected, each user's Future Self delivers three months of beauty tips, personalized advice, and free Ibuki products via Facebook's newsfeed. With hopes of fostering healthier lifestyles, the app allows each user to interact directly with the woman she'll be looking at in the mirror years from now.

  • We helped Shiseido introduce millennials to their “future selves”
  • Interactive Facebook app offers personalized tips, beauty advice, and free products
  • “Beauty Bios” feature real women sharing authentic stories around skincare
  • Real women, real stories. The campaign hits home with "Beauty Bios" of real women telling their stories and sharing their own personal beauty tips, making for a more authentic and universal experience.