Steal the spotlight.

Born out of its namesake photography studio, Smashbox Cosmetics wanted to drive awareness for their newly launched BB Cream - the all-in-one cosmetic that's generating unprecedented buzz in the beauty world.

For the global launch, we designed, developed, and produced "Lights, Camera, BB," an interactive Facebook app that invited fans to 'star' in their own photoshoot and get a taste of the glam model life.

  • Social Media
  • Facebook Application Development
  • Video Production
  • Film/Video Production
  • Localization
  • Marketing

Get ready for your close-up.

Smashbox wanted to show off their new BB cream through an interactive contest, and so we turned to Facebook to create an enticing and highly shareable campaign. Through the Facebook app, we gathered users’ personal information and several photos, and then presented them with a first-person video documenting the experience of being on set of their very own Smashbox photoshoot.

Each of their Facebook photos was inserted organically and leveraged throughout the personalized video, showing the entirety of the fan’s visit from being picked up at the airport to getting dolled up for the shoot. Fans’ shots were even placed front and center within the context of the faux campaign, popping up on billboards and magazine covers within the first-person video. Users were prompted to share their videos with friends to get votes; a winner was chosen every week to win a year’s supply of Smashbox products.

  • Dynamic social platform transports fans to Smashbox’s studio in LA
  • Users’ Facebook content inserted organically throughout their very own personalized videos
  • Our work has helped push Smashbox to #6 of L2’s “Top 100 prestige Brands on Facebook”.
  • Star power. Using footage shot at Smashbox's studio in LA, DOMANI developed a dynamic and interactive system that made each fan feel like they were a part of the action from start to finish.