Ticketmaster is a leader in online ticket sales - connecting fans to the live shows and experiences they’re passionate about. To celebrate and close out 2015, Ticketmaster wanted to give fans a special way to relive their favorite live music moments of the year. 

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  • Mobile Web Development
  • Video Production
  • Interactive Video
  • Marketing
  • Strategy

Your Greatest Hits

Ticketmaster tapped DOMANI to help make music fans the stars of their own show. It required a mobile-friendly solution, that made sorting through all those moments easy and fun.

DOMANI designed and launched ‘The Year of You’, letting fans upload selfies and action shots from live events and thread them into a personalized 'greatest hits' video. The videos brought back all the feels from these events, featuring vibrant visuals, emojis, and reactions. The simple interface encouraged sharing, plugging into Facebook accounts. The videos let Ticketmaster thank each and every one of their fans, while giving them something highly sharable to round out their year.

  • How does a brand simultaneously thank their fans while letting them celebrate the new year? By helping  them weave their favorite pics and memories into a personalized video worth sharing. Introducing, “The Year of You” from DOMANI and Ticketmaster.