evolving the art of storytelling.

The evolution of interactive media has driven the innovation of non-linear and adaptive storytelling, and it has been the tablet's portability and responsiveness to touch and motion that have shown us the next frontier ripe for experimentation.

As an in-house exercise DOMANI took a break from client work to concept and create an interactive entertainment experience specifically for the iPad, titled "Touching Stories." Featuring four beautifully crafted films, the iPad app allows users to shake, drag, pinch, tilt, and swipe their way through each narrative. The application aims to redefine storytelling, break cinematic limitations, and extend audience participation.

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  • Content Strategy
  • Platform Development
  • iOS Development
  • Transmedia Storytelling
  • Film/Video Production

Live action at your fingertips

Five directors shot four short interactive stories, combining them into one storytelling interface that leveraged the interactivity of the iPad. Part video game, part immersive entertainment, the action-packed adventures take advantage of the device’s accelerometer and touch screen. The viewer plays an active role in telling the story at hand, using different gestures to navigate and unlock variations within each video.

Instead of taking each story at face value, users are encouraged to direct the narrative and explore the behind-the-scenes Easter eggs hidden throughout. In "Sarah and Jerry," users can shake the iPad to subject the characters to an earthquake, or flush the toilet to ruin Jerry's shower. Shot in first person, "All Ends, Ends All" puts the viewer in the victim's shoes. Need to run away from the bad guys? Shake the iPad as fast as you can. Want to use that pay phone? Touch the keypad with your fingers just like you normally would.

"Touching Stories" is more than just an experiment in pushing the iPad to its limits. By inviting viewers to become an integral part of the storytelling process, the app takes media consumption and engagement to the next level.

  • 4 short interactive stories, 5 directors, 1 storytelling interface
  • iPad app encourages the viewer to control the story lines
  • A 5-part series in Fast Company profiled “Touching Stories” and our innovative approach to narrative
  • Be the story. "Touching Stories" is more than just a showcase of the iPad's unique entertainment capabilities - the app puts more agency in the viewers' hands than ever before for a riveting and engaging storytelling experience.