Packaging Redesign

V76 by Vaughn, a haircare brand from the most-sought after expert in men’s grooming, was looking to transition to a grittier brand targeting a younger demographic in high-end barber shops. They needed a visual refresh to match their new point of view.

The new packaging identity was contextualized across digital, in-store, and internal sales materials, and pushed the boundaries of what was possible for a barbershop brand.

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  • Packaging Design
  • Strategy

Dapper as F*ck

DOMANI created new packaging across V76’s entire line of products, as part of an overall brand refresh. We crafted a visual identity which maintained the brand’s sophistication with a grittier, yet more dapper touch. We used both matte and translucent materials, containing bold colors and stunning typography, to stand out amongst standard barber shop fare.

Pivoting an established brand into a new identity, required a strong strategic audit. We got into the mindset of their target audience to figure out how to frame them going forward. The goal of the packaging was to pop on the barbershop shelf, and pique each customer’s interest. It also had to reflect the brand’s voice, ingredients, and customer, and be positioned away from its male-focused competition.