Empowering travelers to live like locals.

Westin Hotels & Resorts approached DOMANI to help extend their brand beyond just the perimeter of their lobbies, a smart move considering the rise of experiential travel. Not only was it important to point guests towards sights within reach of Westin properties, it was crucial to create a mobile-friendly and easily-accessible experience on the go.

We designed and developed Westin Finds from AFAR, a digital destination guide with user-generated content to steer travelers to under-the-radar activities right outside the hotel doors. From Portland to Shanghai, Westin Finds offers immersive, hyperlocal activities that resonate on a deeper emotional level, unlike the generic mass-market alternatives.

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  • Systems Architecture
  • Platform Development
  • Mobile Web Development
  • Global Localization
  • Strategy

Delivering experiences, not products.

Westin needed an authoritative voice for the content in order to bring credibility to each local area, and so we worked side-by-side with them to evaluate and define the content strategy - ultimately recommending AFAR for the partnership.

The final product features dynamic, fresh content and is tailored to a variety of personas. Users can toggle between type of traveler and interests, leading to an almost infinite set of activities across nearly all of Westin’s properties. Each experience is designed to make a vacation truly memorable, from a kayak ride down the Mercer Slough in Washington to taste-testing empanadas in Mexico City.

By encouraging travelers to discover hidden gems on their own, Westin is positioning its hotels as more than just places to catch some shut-eye.

  • Custom content platform covering 120 global locations in 8 languages
  • Extends the brand experience and value proposition beyond bricks & mortar footprint
  • Awarded “Best Use of Digital Technology to Enhance the Customer Experience” - Innovation Enterprise Awards
  • Designed for the urban explorer.  The fully-responsive site is user-friendly no matter what mobile device you’re on or where you may find yourself.